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Do you suffer from stiffness, joint pain, swelling, cold and poor circulation in your hands while driving?

Wear Fingerless Compression Therapy Gloves

Gives controlled compression and support, pain relief, reflected warmth and improved circulation with no loss of flexibility, dexterity and tactile control

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Stay safe in a sudden Power Cut

Its dark outside, but you are getting on with things to do at home when suddenly the Power goes out. Your house in plunged into complete darkness. And with the Street Lights out and no Moonlight its pitch black outside as well

You stay frozen to your place, too terrified to move and unable to even make out your hand in front of you. The sense of anxiety, isolation and spatial disorientation can be alarming

Thats why Safe T Light was invented

A combined Perpetually Charged Fail Safe Plug In Emergency Light, Auto Night Light and Emergency Torch Combined so that the instant theres a Power Cut, Safe T Lights Emergency Light comes on to provide reassuring light thats detachable at any time to convert to a Fully Charged Torch

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A Pedometer could cut your risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Research by Diabetes UK shows that regular walking can significantly reduce your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes

According to the Diabetes UK Studies, using a Pedometer creates a powerful and enjoyable motivation for you and your family to walk your way to better health and fitness by measuring, setting and achieving your 'Steps per Day' Targets

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Eyezone Eye Massager for a Natural Instant Face Lift

Combines Vibration Massage and Magnetic Therapy to stimulate circulation, smooth out frown lines between the brows that make you look stressed, soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eyes, naturally lift the brow and blast your face with positive and radiant energy!

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Be a PRUDENT Pedestrian!

Ensure you can be seen in the dark by wearing the Safety Arm Band. Stylish, Multifunctional and Adjustable it could be a Life Saver!

With Safety Arm Bands, Pedestrians are up to EIGHT TIMES safer at Night and Drivers using Full Beam Lights are more than THREE TIMES more likely to see you and take evasive action even in the worst of Weathers and Driving Conditions

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Face Reflexology

Eyezone Eye Massager applies Face Reflexology to key Facial Reflexology Points to promote deep Relaxation and Well Being, improved Circulation and Total Body Alignment and Balance

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Sinus Headaches and Congestion?

Try massaging your Facial Acupressure Points with the Eyezone Eye Massager

Targeting the Acupressure Points around the Eyes Upper Nose and Temples it helps clear and relieve Sinus Pressure, clear Sinus and Nasal Congestion and ease Sinus Pain and Headaches

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Have you been staring at the Computer all day? Feeling tense or got a bit of a Headache?

Relax and unwind with the Eyezone Eye Massager. Using Acupressure and Magnetic Technology the Vibrating Foam Pads work on the Pressure Points at the Temples, Cheekbones and Bridge of the Nose to stimulate Circulation, release Muscle Tension and provide Natural Relief from Headaches, Eye Strain and Tired Eyes

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Is there a link between low levels of Vitamin D and Dementia and Alzheimers in later life?

Researchers in France, the UK and the US have found that a moderate deficiency in Vitamin D may lead to a 53% increase in risk of developing Dementia but those who were severely deficient had more than twice the risk.

In contrast those with the highest levels of Vitamin D also has the lowest risk of Dementia

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Time to top up on your Vitamin D! But why do most experts believe that Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol is best?

Its the most natural form of Vitamin D

D3 is more potent and better for raising and maintaining levels of the Vitamin in your body

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What to do when faced with a sudden Power Blackout

Think ahead and get the Award Winning 3in1 Safe T Light. A Night Light, Emergency Light and Detachable Torch in one!

Simply Plug in. No installation. No mess. And the moment there is a Power Cut or your Consumer Unit trips, Safe T Light activates the fully charged ultrabright LED Emergency Light that instantly converts to a Detachable Torch when needed

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UK could face Winter Blackouts. Be prepared!

Blackouts can occur at any time and usually when you least expect it

Keep you and your family safe with the Award Winning Multipurpose Plug In Safe T Light!

Works as an Auto Night Light that also provides you with vital fully charged Ultra Bright LED Emergency Lighting that converts to a Hand Held Torchlight the instant a blackout occurs

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High Blood Pressure? You cant beat Raw Beetroot!

Rich in Nitrates they are absorbed into the Blood and metabolised into Nitric Oxide which helps to naturally modulate Vascular Resistance and Blood Pressure

And theres no need to chomp your way through or juice loads Raw Beetroot to get all the goodness. Just take Natures Way Beetroot Concentrate Capsules. One Hundred Percent Beetroot from prime North American sources!

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Light at Night can harm your Sleep and your Health

Even low levels of stray light can confuse your Body Clock, disrupt your Sleep and Wake Cycle and leave you feeling drowsy and lacking energy the next day

Longer term exposure to light during sleep may also increase the risk of Weight Gain, Anxiety, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression and Cancer

Cut out all light while you sleep by wearing a Dreamweaver Eye Mask

Special Foam Bonded Laminate for maximum Light Blocking even in daytime, they are ergonomically moulded and contoured to ensure there is no contact as you open and shut your eyes

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Laughter – The Best Medicine!

Happiness is not something someone else does to you. It is something you create yourself and then share with others

Make happiness your priority and live life to the full. And the laughter you share today, will improve your health tomorrow!