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Its only recently that we have begun to appreciate the amazing benefits of Buckwheat Pillows, though Buckwheat Pillows have been around for hundreds of years. In Korea children are given a Buckwheat Pillow by their grandmothers. In many European Countries young children are given Buckwheat Pillows to promote sound sleep without feeling too hot or too cold whilst sleeping. In Japan, even today the majority of pillows available are filled with Buckwheat hulls.

Providing the perfect support for the head and neck, Buckwheat Pillows conform to the natural shape of the head and neck, instantly shaping to your every position during sleep allowing the smaller muscles in your neck to function correctly.

What's more, the natural shape of the hulls minimises the flattening and compression characteristic of fibre filled feather or down filled pillows allowing maximum natural ventilation, breathability and air circulation and dissipating excess heat, moisture and perspiration to keep the pillow cool, dry and comfortable.

These pillow properties help to relieve migraines, insomnia, snoring, menopausal symptoms, tension and stress related headaches and muscle spasms and are recommended by many healthcare professionals.

What is Buckwheat?
Buckwheat is not a wheat at all, but actually a fruit (fagopyrum esculentum) related to rhubarb. Buckwheat hulls used in pillows are the fibrous husks that protect the buckwheat kernel from the elements.

Buckwheat Pillows actually improve with age. The hulls do not break down or wear out, but they do become polished with use and work better than new because the hulls 'learn' how to move and conform and adjust to your movements perfectly.

Razzmataz Buckwheat Pillows unique design
Razzmataz Buckwheat Pillows contain on average a full 2.6Kg of the highest quality organic, double cleaned, pesticide and dust free hulls.

Manufactured in the UK to a special design the durable calico shell contains an integral zipper that makes it easy to adjust firmness if required simply by removing excess hull. Any excess hull may be saved for future use.

Razzmataz Buckwheat Pillows bringing better sleep to people all over the world
From homes to guest houses to boutique and the most glamorous six star hotels!

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Forget fancy sheets and down-filled duvets, the perfect pillow is the key to a good night’s sleep.

On average, we rest our weary heads on our pillows for more than 2,500 hours — or the equivalent of more than 100 days and nights — per year, so it’s certainly worth getting the right one.

And while once our choice was limited to feather or fibre, the shops are now stuffed with everything from water pillows to scented pillows, and even one which is wired for sound.

But which is a pain in the neck and which is a dream come true?


In Tudor times, buckwheat pillows were so prized that grandmothers handed them down to their grandchildren. My children aren’t quite as easily pleased.

When I showed them this thick, heavy pillow with an industrial-looking cotton cover, they weren’t impressed. This feels like a giant, heavy beanbag and looks like a prop from Wolf Hall. Billed as the ultimate eco-pillow, it’s filled with the tiny husks which protect the kernel of the buckwheat grain.

In summer, you can chill it in the fridge for a few hours to keep you cool throughout the night. It also soothes stiff muscles — as the chill will reduce inflammation and help numb any pain.

It doesn’t look impressive, but it shapes beautifully around my shoulders and neck. It makes a slight rustling as the tiny hulls shift, but I had a great night’s sleep.

All I needed was Mark Rylance beside me, and my dream would have been complete.

Daily Mail Score: 4/5

Written by Daily Mail