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Keep Rodents out!

Mice and Rats can wriggle their way through improbably small gaps and cracks or chew their way with ease through any ordinary Packing or Fillers

MouseStop is a Flexible Easy to Apply Gap Sealer developed in the Netherlands and Approved by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Research

Ideal for both Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Buildings to seal Gaps, Cracks and Voids, MouseStop helps render your Building Rodent Proof by making the Entry Points impregnable and permanently resistant to Rodent attack

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Is your house bugged?

Dust mites are Arachnids, members of the Spider family that live in our Mattresses, Carpets, Curtains, Soft Furnishings, Clothes and even Soft Toys! They feed on the Skin Cells and Scales we shed, leaving behind droppings containing dangerous Pathogens everywhere they go

And it is the Pathogens in these Dust Mite Droppings that Scientists have discovered when inhaled are proven to trigger allergic reactions by attacking the biological 'glue' that holds together the protective lining in our airways

Living is Easy offers both an effective Dust Mite Spray for immediate Safe Treatment of surfaces as well as an Ultrasonic Dust Mite Controller for continuous use to help keep your Room Dustmite Free

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Dry wet shoes FAST. Stop dirt at the door!

Fed up with muddy and wet shoes soiling your Carpet and Floors?

So often an Entrance Mat is simply not enough!

Make sure your Shoes and Boots are always spotlessly clean and dry before you walk inside your home by drying them with your Ert SHOOZ Shoe Drying Towel after a quick wipe on your Doormat

Removes 99% of rain, snow, mud and grime from Shoe Soles, Heels and Uppers in seconds and saves a fortune in damage to your Carpets and Flooring!

Comes with integral Brass Hanging Chain to hang by your Kitchen Conservatory Front or Caravan Door

Dirt masking Deep Colours. Fully Machine Washable

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For your Next Trick.....Impress your friends! Thrill your Children! Amaze your Grandchildren!

Everything you need to perform Card Tricks like a Professional! And thats No Illusion!

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Need to keep your Airways clean and clear? Relax and inhale a Salt Pipe!

Prefilled with special Miocene Salt, breathing in Salty Air helps support normal Mucocillary Transport to promote rapid flushing and elimination of residual Tar, Pollutants, Pathogens, Contaminants and Allergens with no contraindications or side effects

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Easy Strip Washing with OXYVITA Natural Silver MSM Shower Hair and Body Wash Preparation

Simply add a couple of drops of OXYVITA Wash Preparation to a sinkful of warm water and strip wash with a Sponge or Flannel to gently cleanse, condition, freshen and deodorise and repeat with damp Sponge of Flannel to remove any residue

Improves your skin health, look and condition with use

And so versatile use as a Shower Gel, Body Wash, Face Soap, Strip Wash Cleanser, Shampoo, Hand Soap and Bath Soak

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Problems with Mucus Retention? Breathe Salty Air

Often the normal interaction of Mucus, Cilia and Coughing may be ineffective in ejecting Mucus creating inflammation, infection and respiratory function impairment

Using the a Salt Pipe Inhaler helps dislodge and clear trapped Mucus by modifying Mucus Surface Tension and Viscosity and moving it together with trapped bacteria, allergens and particulates out of your lungs and airways

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Salty Air Inhalation. A powerful natural Therapy for Respiratory Health

Helps cleanse and flush away impurities and contamination in the Respiratory Tract and inhibit Respiratory Allergies

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You cant cure the Common Cold but you can kill the airborne Virus!

Cold and Flu Viruses are spread through the air but with the Airfree P60 or P80 they can be destroyed before they infect you!

Airfrees proven Technology kills 99.00% of airborne Bacteria and Viruses as well as House Mites, Pollen, Mould, Mildew, Dust and other Allergens

Airfree Advanced Air Cleaning Technology for a healthier Home Environment