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Do you suffer from stiffness, joint pain, swelling, cold and poor circulation in your hands while driving?

Wear Fingerless Compression Therapy Gloves

Gives controlled compression and support, pain relief, reflected warmth and improved circulation with no loss of flexibility, dexterity and tactile control

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Stay safe in a sudden Power Cut

Its dark outside, but you are getting on with things to do at home when suddenly the Power goes out. Your house in plunged into complete darkness. And with the Street Lights out and no Moonlight its pitch black outside as well

You stay frozen to your place, too terrified to move and unable to even make out your hand in front of you. The sense of anxiety, isolation and spatial disorientation can be alarming

Thats why Safe T Light was invented

A combined Perpetually Charged Fail Safe Plug In Emergency Light, Auto Night Light and Emergency Torch Combined so that the instant theres a Power Cut, Safe T Lights Emergency Light comes on to provide reassuring light thats detachable at any time to convert to a Fully Charged Torch