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You cant cure the Common Cold but you can kill the airborne Virus!

Cold and Flu Viruses are spread through the air but with the Airfree P60 or P80 they can be destroyed before they infect you!

Airfrees proven Technology kills 99.00% of airborne Bacteria and Viruses as well as House Mites, Pollen, Mould, Mildew, Dust and other Allergens

Airfree Advanced Air Cleaning Technology for a healthier Home Environment

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Did you know we spend on average 10 minutes each day looking for our keys?

Thats 4866 Hours or 202 Days just spent just searching for keys in an average lifetime - without realising it!

A perfect example of 'having better things to do' with our time!

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Wound up and on edge about your forthcoming job interview?

You have a bad case of 'Interview Anxiety'!

Try taking ZEN TIME LACTIUM Supplement 1-2 hours beforehand

ZEN TIME LACTIUM contains a Bioactive Decapeptide, an Amino Acid Protein that occurs naturally in Milk and is the same component identified by researchers for calming and relaxing babies.

Natural and safe, Lactium calms and relaxes without causing drowsiness making it the ideal Day Time way to keep cool calm and positive under pressure, leaving you sharp and mentally focused for that all important interview

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Zen Time Lactium Supplement

When all around you people are getting flustered and losing their cool

KEEP YOURS..with Zen Time!