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Zen Time Lactium Supplement

When all around you people are getting flustered and losing their cool

KEEP YOURS..with Zen Time!

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What is so special about Lactium?

Developed by identifying a key ingredient in Milk that helps calm babies, extensive trials have confirmed the direct association between the ingredient Milk Casein Hydrosylate and Stress Relief in adults

Further studies confirm the mechanisms that lie behind the abilty of Milk Casein Hydrosylate to induce a general feeling of wellbeing and calmness

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Etherium Natural Monatomic Minerals

Enhance your body's Electromagnetic System to improve Connection and Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit, invigorate your Senses and broaden your Perceptions

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Don't Get Stressed Get ZEN TIME!

ZEN TIME Lactium
Natural Casein derived Active Peptide Supplement

Feel good about yourself, enjoy life and find your equilibrium and inner peace

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Take a FREE Online Stress Test

Complete a Set of 10 Questions and receive a FREE Personalised E Mail Report together with some general Stress Management advice tailored to your score.

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