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Spotlight BioCUFF
Monitoring your Vascular Condition
The BioCUFF is a simple way of assessing both your blood pressure condition and your arterial flexibility; plus, you can use the BioCUFF in the comfort of your own home because you simply attach the device to your arm just like an ordinary blood pressure cuff

What does the BioCUFF measure?
The BioCUFF provides a series of metabolic indicators that you can use to improve your lifestyle and so help to prevent the causes of cardiovascular disease. We all know the risks of being overweight, of having high cholestrol or suffering from high blood pressure. We also know how to reduce those risks - by exercising more, not smoking, reducing our alcohol intake and eating a balanced diet
These include:
Diastolic blood pressure
Systolic blood pressure
The heart rate
Vascular condition - which linked to arterial flexibility
Few of us know about the hidden dangers of arterial inflexibility, or how to measure it. This is where the BioCUFF is unique being as it is the first at-home device able of delivering this information to you within minutes

What is arterial flexibility?
The BioCUFF works by evaluating your arterial flexibility, which experts say is one of the most important risk factors when it comes to assessing the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Arteries are important because they're responsible for blood flow around your body via your cardiovascular system. To work properly, it's crucial that your arteries are kept healthy

The poorer your vascular condition, the greater your chances of serious health issues
Our arteries usually stiffen with advancing age. This brings with a greater risk of a potentially fatal heart attack, heart failure or stroke

You may not recognise the heart failure symptoms as your arteries begin to stiffen
Unfortunately arterial stiffness can occur without warning. Often there are no symptoms of cardiovascular disease and people don't suspect they are in danger until they suffer an attack. It is important to note that like blood pressure, vascular condition should be monitored over time and not just taken as one reading. The BioCUFF makes this simple by averaging your tests over time and therefore provides a more accurate result. BioCUFF provides reassurance and a vital early warning system that helps you to be aware of changes and will therefore keep your vascular condition in check

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How Beetroot may help your Circulation

Beetroot is naturally rich in Nitrates which helps to expand blood vessels, making it easier for the heart to pump blood around the body, so reducing strain on the heart and blood pressure

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Do you find it difficult to get back to sleep when you wake up to go to the bathroom at night?

As soon as you switch on a light, your body switches off the Melatonin that helps trigger sleep.

The Amber Light Night Light does not have the same 'Alerting Effect'. So when you wake to go to the bathroom the sensor automatically switches on the Amber Glow Light so minimising any disruption to your Sleep/Wake Cycle.