The perfect cup of tea

• Always use loose leaf teas. They impart the true flavour and they brew better
• Always use fresh cold water brought to the boil. This maintains the water's oxygen levels, essential for proper brewing. If your water is particularly hard, it is best to use filtered water
• Preheat the teapot. Pour a little hot water into it, tip it out and then replace the lid
• Use 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per person and one teaspoon for the pot
• Once made the tea should be made to infuse in the pot for the correct time before drinking
• Milk in before or after pouring the tea? The two practices give different tastes. Some claim that adding the milk afterwards alters the milk proteins yielding a slightly flat taste whereas putting in milk first gives a slightly milkier, more caramelised flavour. The top Tea Masters generally prefer to add milk afterwards as it is easier to judge the correct quantity in relation to the strength of the brew