Is Air Travel a pain in the neck?

How often have you tried to sleep in your airline seat only to end up with a stiff neck?

Sleeping seated confined in an airline seat without proper head support can put considerable stress on soft neck tissue such as muscles, ligaments and nerves, the shoulder muscles and even the bones and joints of the cervical spine. And you will be amazed at just how contorted your head can get whilst asleep without knowing it! The result can be neck pain, considerably restricted movement of the neck and severe tension headaches.

And sudden movements such as your head bobbing from side to side may also run the risk of tearing and injuring the muscles in the neck.

The problem gets much worse if you also suffer from Arthritis, Pinched Nerves, Myofascial Pain - the pain associated with poor posture, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism or Polymyalgia Rheumatica - widespread inflammation of the muscles.

And without JETSLEEPER, sleeping positions are so uncomfortable that on average you wake up every 10 minutes or so, feeling stiff and sore everywhere quite apart from the anguish and frustration caused by a continuously disturbed sleep. So you change to a new position and the whole process starts again!

To get comfortable for some sleep your seating position on the plane is crucial!

JETSLEEPER is a specially designed Pillow that hooks over your airline seat and loops over the armrest in seconds, supporting both your neck and head. And unlike travel pillows that tend to edge the head forward, JETSLEEPER keeps the neck in a neutral position with the head back, so that your head, neck and shoulders are centered over the spine, promoting a relaxed, balanced and tension free base of support for your neck.

Its the most comfortable posture you could adopt while sleeping seated!

JETSLEEPER not only improves your chances of getting to sleep at the drop of a hat and a good nights sleep on board, it also considerably decreases your risk of a stiff neck, sore shoulders, back ache and tension headaches allowing you to arrive relaxed and rested.after a long haul flight.

Packs away in seconds into the size of your passport wallet!