Studies support the effects of Nourkrin Man.

The Nourkrin product was developed by Finnish scientists who have had their findings published in leading British, French and Scandinavian Medical Journals.

A published study in the Anglo French Dermatology Journal showed a group of middle aged males reducing their average hair thinning from 39% to just 9% after 8 months on the programme.

After six months treatment, 40 young male subjects receiving Nourkrin showed a mean increase in non vellus hair of 38% and 95% of subjects showed both clinical and histological improvement.

A significant decrease of thinning hair in young men under 30 was observed by 75.3% of subjects and 14.6% of subjects showed partial regrowth of hair.

After two months treatment on young and middle aged men, the thinning hair had stopped in all subjects. 43% of subjects showed total regrowth, 23% greater than 75% regrowth, 13% 50-75% regrowth and 7% showed 30-50% regrowth.