Did you know that OMEGA3 FLAX SEED OIL is often referred to as The 21st Century SUPERNUTRIENT! Flax seeds and Flax Seed oils are one of the richest sources of vital omegas3 almost always deficient in our modern diets.

Taking omega3 supplements helps to keep us healthy and as a large proportion of our brains are made up of fatty acids, our memory, concentration and general mood can suffer if were deficient. But that's not all. Restoring the balance of omega3 will also help you stay looking good with soft smooth skin, shiny hair and strong nails, helps strengthen immunity and cardiovascular health, maintains energy levels and helps keep our brains energised. Fish is full of omega3 but if you are a vegetarian or don't like the aftertaste of fish oils then Flax Seed Oil is perfect for you.