Chronic coughing is often the result of hyper reactivity of the airways which have become irritated and oversensitive. It is a deep, dry cough with hardly any phlegm.

It is a common problem.

Chronic coughing can be exhausting because it is usually tends to come in bouts characterised by 'Hair Trigger Cough Reflexes' where each coughing bout triggers the next one like a domino effect.

Chronic coughs are often first triggered by an infection, usually a cold, flu or chest infection that aggravates the sensitive linings of your airways.

Once this happens just the slightest thing – physical exertion, cold air, stress – even talking can trigger off a vicious cycle of coughing.

Though your cold or chest infection might last days, chronic coughing can last months.

A course of oral steroids may work.

Or you could try a totally natural solution. The SALT PIPE SALT INHALER.

Its a ceramic pipe with a little chamber containing a special type of mined salt. You inhale the pipe drawing in 'Salty Air' through your mouth and exhaling through your nose, doing this a few times in the morning and the evening the moment your cold starts to takes hold.

The concept of the SALT PIPE SALT INHALER was developed decades ago when it was observed that Salt Miners rarely if ever developed respiratory illnesses.

Scientists believe that inhaling 'Salty Air' helps accelerate the cleansing and healing process and rid the respiratory system of the irritants and inflammation created by your cold, flu or chest infection.

For thousands of satisfied customers all over the world who have literally dreaded the onset of a cold for the misery of the interminable coughing that follows for weeks or months on end, there is nothing like the soothing effects of The SALT PIPE SALT INHALER to soon help put an end to this exhausting, debilitating, distressing and depressing chronic coughing naturally.