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See this - Did you know that?...

Make every breath that you take count!

Do you think that your breathing is as auto controlled as you heartbeat? It isnt. You can learn to breathe better

Its like any physical exercise. POWERbreathe exercises your lungs breathing muscles, the inspiratory muscles. These include the diaphragm and chest expanding muscles which move up and down, rather like bellows to draw air into the lungs and push it back out again.

POWERbreathes pressure valve means that when you breathe in through the mouthpiece, air is drawn in only if you use enough respiratory effort to force open the valve. Its like weight training for your lungs. And why POWERbreathe has been dubbed dumbbells for your diaphragm!

It works! Anyone can improve their breathing with awesome results!

Just 30 breaths twice a day with POWERbreathe and your breathing will feel stronger in just days! In a couple of weeks you will notice less breathlessness and by around a month you will notice dramatic improvements in fitness, stamina, endurance, alertness and strength.
Whatever your age, you will notice an increase in the distances and the length of time you walk or run and an increase in your levels of physical exertion without the need to stop and rest.

Value the restorative and rejuvenating power of your breath!

Stronger breathing sends smiles into all your organs. It means better overall health, greater mental alertness, a greater ability to cope with stress and tension and even helps to improve your voice projection and posture!

70% of waste is eliminated through your lungs!

70% of your bodys waste products are eliminated via your lungs and the rest through urine, skin and faeces. With POWERbreathe better breathing also means more oxygen is available to your cells so speeding up the flow of blood which carries waste from your kidneys and lungs and strengthening your lymphatic system which fights off viral and bacterial invaders along with a better digestion.

Quality breathing can release fear, anger stress and unwelcome emotions!

Breathe in through your POWERbreathe gently and deeply and with each exhalation feel all the stressful emotions flow out of your body!

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