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See this - Did you know that?...

TOO MUCH SUN CAN BE DANGEROUS BUT SAFE EXPOSURE COULD LOWER RISK OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Spending time out in the sun especially in childhood could slash the risk of MS in later life. Researchers have found countries closer to the equator have lower levels of the disease. Scientists believe that Vitamin D synthesised from the sun could help dampen down the overactive immune system linked with MS.
EAGLE EYE SUNGLASSES - Universal Clip-Ons. With unique NASA Polarised Selective Transmission (PST) lens.

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EAGLE EYE SUNGLASSES - Universal Clip-Ons. With unique NASA Polarised Selective Transmission (PST) lens. EAGLE EYE SUNGLASSES - Universal Clip-Ons. With unique NASA Polarised Selective Transmission (PST) lens. EAGLE EYE Polarised Selective Transmission (PST) SUNGLASSES are the most advanced sunglasses ever! Incorporating the unique Polarised Selective Transmission lens, PST developed by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories from studies on the interaction of outer space sunlight, lasers and welding arcs with the human eye. Based on the physiology of eagle eyes, EAGLE EYE PST SUNGLASSES not only protect your eyes from all the suns radiation, they actually enhance your vision enabling you to see more clearly in normal, foggy, hazy or cloudy sunlight conditions.
Many sunglasses can interfere or even harm vision. And left unprotected eyes could lead to age related macular degeneration, night blindness and retinitis pigmentosa as well as a number of serious eye diseases such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, photokeratisis, photothalmia, snow blindness, sunburned corneas and even cancer of the eyelid. Good sunglasses are the key to protecting your eyes from UV damage. Your glasses should block 99% to 100% of the suns UVA and UVB rays. Make sure that this is indicated on the label. You can enhance the protection offered by your sunglasses by wearing a wide brimmed hat, which reduces the amount of UV on your face by 50%.

EAGLE EYE PST SUNGLASSES are so technically advanced, they are on display at NASA's Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas. Designed to selectively block 99% of harmful blue and violet light and 100% of damaging UVA and UVB radiation yet allowing visually useful light to pass through. The result is 100% protection but clearer vision than ever! Conventional sunglasses have dark lenses, which indiscriminately block much of the useful light without regard for hazardous wavelengths and so reduce visibility, clarity, definition and shadow perception.

The filtering system of EAGLE EYE PST SUNGLASSES is designed along the same principles as eagle or hawk's eyes, which contain tiny droplets of oil that filter out all harmful radiation, reduce the scattering of light and transmit only those wavelengths of light that allow eagles to have their amazing visual clarity free of chromatic aberration (blue light haze) even in blinding sunlight!

NASA scientists and engineers crated a lens incorporating a special fluid, that simulates the retinal fluid of eagles and hawks and incorporated it into the EAGLE EYE PST lenses providing protection, safety and visual acuity that's second to none! The lens not only blocks out 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays but also 99% of blue and violet wavelengths as well as glare and the high intensity glints of sunlight which cause localised areas on the retina of the eye to receive dangerously high doses of light. Even in intense sunlight the eyes remain safe, protected and vision sharp and glare and glint free.

What's more, EAGLE EYE PST SUNGLASSES makes for almost instant adaptation to dark. Try removing EAGLE EYE PST SUNGLASSES after entering a cinema or an underground car park and you'll find that the eyes will adjust instantly instead of feeling blinded and unable make out detail in the shadows.

FREE Boxed Kit with every Eagle Eye purchase including:
  • FREE "Italian Designed" hard carrying case to protect your glasses.
  • FREE "Micro-Fiber" soft carrying pouch.
EAGLE EYE PST SUNGLASSES protects your eyes while enhancing your vision!
493 £31.95 Oxyvita Ltd.

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