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See this - Did you know that?...

TOO MUCH SUN CAN BE DANGEROUS BUT SAFE EXPOSURE COULD LOWER RISK OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Spending time out in the sun especially in childhood could slash the risk of MS in later life. Researchers have found countries closer to the equator have lower levels of the disease. Scientists believe that Vitamin D synthesised from the sun could help dampen down the overactive immune system linked with MS.
EAGLE EYE SUNGLASSES - Universal Clip-Ons. With unique NASA Polarised Selective Transmission (PST) lens.

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EAGLE EYE SUNGLASSES - Airos. Ultralight. With unique NASA Polarised Selective Transmission (PST) lens.


LAWYER VALIDATED DIY WILL KIT. Everything you need to write a Legally Valid Will for England and Wales

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BELT UMBRELLA. WINDPROOF UMBRELLA WITH ADJUSTABLE CARRY SHOULDER STRAP OR BELT by HB Melrose of London. Quality Hands Free British Design with stylish good looks. Throw over your shoulder or belt around your waist until it starts to rain.


PREMIUM TRUE COLLOIDAL SILVER. FINEST GRADE SILVER 99.99 per cent PURITY IN LABORATORY GRADE STEAM DISTILLED WATER. Produced in a state of the art high voltage electro colloidal process without the use of stabilisers or other additives. 200ml

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