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Wipe Out! – Study of Hand Hygiene Products.

Press Release (20/03/05). "Want to get your hands clean – antiseptically clean? Don’t bother buying expensive wipes and gels, claims an unprecedently large study of hand hygiene products; - Nothing works better than soap and water!"

The North Carolina University study of 14 cleaning agents says soap and water banish the viruses that cause colds, hepatisis A, gastro enteritis and bacteria that cause food poisoning etc

The study in the American Journal of Infection Control found that waterless hand wipes removed only about half the bacteria from 62 volunteers hands.

The study examined that even with people spending a mere ten seconds washing hands with soap and water, results were better than any other hand cleansing routine.

Source: Body & Soul, Saturday 19th March 2005.

"How you dry your hands after washing is just as important to get them clean because ordinary hand towel harbour bacteria. Using single use paper towels can be costly and wasteful. The new HYGI MICROFIBRE HAND TOWELS are the hygienic way to dry your hands and provide permanent and safe anti bacterial action – wash after wash!"

Andrew Kirk MSc Consultant Environmental Microbiologist
020 7483 1991

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