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Now a healthy and money saving alternative to shop bought ice cream. Make your own in minutes - all the year round at a fraction of shop bought brands!


With the new Magimix Gelato Chef 2200 The Ultimate Ice Cream Maker making ice cream is so fast and simple! The only ice cream maker to score 10/10 in consumer tests you could make anything from healthy fat free ice creams in all sorts of flavours or wickedly exotic and indulgent creations. Let your imagination run riot! With the Magimix Gelato Chef 2200 The Ultimate Ice Cream Maker you can use skimmed fat free milk, full fat, Soya and even goats milk. Make sugar free ice cream – just as you prefer. Or make a delicious home made frozen yoghurt or sorbet!
Got an army of kids to entertain? Having a family get together? Having friends over for dinner? Nothing beats serving up your own homemade ice cream made in minutes! Deliciously fresh – no additives or colourings just pure natural bliss!


And the Magimix Gelato Chef 2200 The Ultimate Ice Cream Maker makes some of  the smoothest and most delicious and tempting ice creams . The secret is in its ultra efficient built in micro freezer which allows you to make as little or as much as you want. Gently churns and turns as it freezes – the best technique to retain the fullest flavour of your natural ingredients. Simply turn it on, pour the

ingredients into a bowl and in just 20 minutes you have the greatest tasting ice cream and sorbet EVER at a fraction of shop bought ice cream.! What’s more its all natural – no preservatives, colourings or additives and using skimmed milk means you avoid the calories! It can even make ice cream with non dairy milk. Experiment - Try your hand at your own wicked and daring creations. What a conversation party piece!


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