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The most natural and gentle wake up call. SUNRISE ALARM CLOCKS!

The most gentle natural morning call you could wish for! Sunrise Alarm Clocks.


Picture this:


Its time to get up. Your alarm rings or buzzes and you are rudely and abruptly woken from a deep pleasant sleep.


Your first reaction is to press the snooze button and roll over and just as you doze off the alarm bell goes off again.


By the end of that cycle your nerves are ragged and you wake up grumpy and on edge. Familiar story?


Now try this for size:


Some 30 minutes before you need to get up the SUNRISE ALARM CLOCK begins to glow, very dim at first and ever so gradually brightens like a simulated sunrise.


The photons of light falling on your shut eyes stirs your body to awaken. That’s because since the dawn of man our bodyclocks are naturally conditioned to respond to light triggers to wake and sleep.


As the light increases, so subconciously you begin to arouse from your sleep slowly free of any stresses and tensions until the light is at its brightest and its time to fully awaken and welcome the start of a wonderful day.


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