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Inner Talk Dr Eldon Taylor Audio Message Subliminal Message in Music CD
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Inner Talk Dr Eldon Taylor Audio Message Subliminal Message in Music CD
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Inner Talk programmes are Audio CD's played in the background while working, driving, relaxing, playing sport, watching TV or even sleeping! They could also be used with a personal CD player while jogging, bike riding etc. No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic and positive results.

On the surface, the programmes sound like any other easy listening music, but there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended in the background are dynamic positive simple affirmations such as 'I feel good', 'I am successful' - messages that make long lasting impressions on your subconscious.

So, while the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music, the subconscious mind recognises and receives the powerful life changing positive affirmations.

Results can be noticed in just a few days!

Do you feel shy and lack confidence? Inner Talk - Confidence will help you achieve more self assurance. Are you striving for greater success? Inner Talk - Ultra Success Power will help get you focused and more motivated. As for constant stress in your daily life its just amazing - Inner Talk - Freedom from Stress gets you coping more serenely, calmly - when all about you are losing theirs! Or are you succumbing to illness or poor health - Inner Talk Accelerated Healing and Well Being harnesses the power of the mind to help pull you through!

The Technology is so powerful that it is patented with US Government backed by independent studies at leading Universities and proven effective by the hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. All programmes come with a list of these recorded affirmations.

These affirmations will become your new Inner Talk.


Ever feel like you need a confidence boost? Create the new ultimate you.

Affirmations: 'I feel good about myself. I exude sincerity and confidence. I am capable. I am positive. I am peaceful. I am confident. I look great. I am happy. I am liked by people. I am calm'.

Imagine living each day with abundant vitality and enthusiasm. Get that extra energy for all the activities you would like to have in your life.

Affirmations: 'I feel great. I am positive. My body is perfect. My mind is alert. Energy surges through me. I have energy. I am abundantly energetic. I am pure energy.'

Freedom from Fears:
Fear can be a powerful block to realising happiness and achievement. Alleviate fears of all types. It will help free you to experience life to the fullest.

Affirmations: 'I am confident. I am poised. I am relaxed. I am free of fear. I remain calm. I am in control. I breathe regularly. I am powerful. I can do anything. I am self sufficient. I live in now'.

Freedom From Snoring:
Snoring does not normally worry the person snoring, but partners the world over, can benefit from its elimination.

Affirmations: 'I inhale through my nose. I exhale through my mouth. I breathe deeply. I breathe rhythmically. I breathe easily. I drink water. I sleep with my throat relaxed'.

Have It All:
If you believe that you deserve the best that life can offer then you have to have taken the first step to actualising it.

Affirmations: 'I enjoy life. I am lucky. I have fun. I attract friends. I am healthy. I am charismatic. I am humble. I appreciate my opportunities. I am honest. I accept change'.

Healing The Past:
The past is over. Its lessons are learned. It is now time to release it.

Affirmations: 'I can let go of the past. I can accept the past as a life teaching. I can choose to heal the past. I create my future. I create forgiveness in my heart. I create joy in my life'.

Joy of Humour:
Laughter has amazing healing powers and humour enhances all social skills. Affirmations: 'I enjoy humour. I love life. Life is fun. Life is humorous. I see humour. I sense humour. Life is a miracle. I enjoy laughing. My sense of humour is keen'.

Living in Now:
Now is all there is. Living fully in the moment is living in the Now. Each moment is as infinitely divisible as all time. In the now, all things are possible.

Affirmations: 'Now is all there is. Each moment is eternal. My mind is fully in the now. Now is all I need. I am balanced. Now is timeless'.

Neat and Tidy:
Has a bomb hit your home or office? Make your messy life disappear with a new set of thoughts.

Affirmations: 'I am organised. I am neat. I am clean. I am proud. I like myself. I am cooperative. I am patient. I am helpful. I am motivated. I am positive.

Optimism Plus:
Look on the bright side each and every day with optimistic positive affirmations.

Affirmations: 'I am healthy. I am strong. I am loving. I'm brilliant and capable. I radiate charm. I am powerful. I am positive. I am sharing. I am honest and truthful.'

Wish you had just a little more patience? Do you find patience natural and easy whether dealing with family, friends, business associates or rush hour traffic.

Affirmations: 'Patience is power. Patience is understanding. Patience tames passion. Patience is caring. Patience is genius. Patience achieves. Patience is liberation. I am patient'.

Positive Mental Attitude:
Creating success in all aspects of your life starts with a positive attitude.

Affirmations: 'I am positive. I am capable. I can do anything. I like myself. I like others. Others like me. I think positively. I act positively. I expect only positive. My reality is positive'.

Take a mini vacation from the day's tensions. Feel a sense of calm and peace, refreshed and renewed.

Affirmations: 'I act relaxed. I am in control. I am worry free. I am stress free. I am tension free. I am at peace. I am calm and relaxed. I sense relaxation. Relaxation is natural'.

Soaring Self Esteem:
Self esteem is the single most important step to building a happy and whole life. Positive feelings of self worth can empower you to succeed in all that you do.

Affirmations: 'I am good. I am liked. I am accepted. Life is good. I am a miracle. Living is fun. I enjoy life. I learn. I prosper. I experience personal growth. I am responsible for me. I am caring'.

Up from Depression:
Many people experience depression at one time or another. Lift the cloud of depression and enjoy life with energy and enthusiasm.

Affirmations: 'I love living. I feel great. I laugh. I am in control. I enjoy people. I am lucky. I am blessed. I am relaxed. I choose happiness. Life is great. I am positive'.


I Love My Body:
Research findings suggest that if we simply recognise our bodies with love, we can look and feel better. Feel good about your body and your body will respond.

Affirmations: 'My body celebrates life. I take care of my body. My body takes care of me. I am confident. I am safe and secure. I am loved. I am that I am. I am a miracle'.

Natural Breast Enlargement:
Research demonstrates the effectiveness of techniques employing suggestion such as hypnosis for natural breast enlargement. As difficult as it may seem, the mind does exercise an influence on breast development.

Affirmations: 'I send extra blood flow to my breasts. My body responds. My breasts are warm. My breast tingle. My breasts grow full and voluptuous. My breasts are firm. My breasts are alive and growing'.

Weight Loss Now:
This programme re-scripts your subconscious attitudes about your self worth. You will find yourself following through on all your diet and health commitments.

Affirmations: 'I am thin, trim, slim and healthy. I visualise exercise. My body burns off fat. All excess fat is shed from me. I eat the right foods. I drink water. I like vegetables. I like fruit'.


Affirmations: 'I keep my head down. I practice. I enjoy golf. My swing is correct. My swing is powerful. My swing is repeating. My posture is good. My stance is good. Golf is relaxing. I am a winner'.

What does it take to turn an athlete into a champion? Working with many elite performers shows that they all have certain characteristics in common, the primary one being mental strength.

Affirmations: 'I love soccer. I move quickly. I am aware of my team mates. I am a team player. I am a good sport. I am a powerful athlete. I play to win. I have tremendous speed. I am strong. I am fit. I am healthy. I am unbeatable. I am calm. I am relaxed'.

Winning Sports Performance:
World athletes have proven over and over again that their greatest success stories originated in mental training.

Affirmations: 'I am strong. I am powerful. I have energy. I have stamina. I am enthusiastic. I am confident. I am capable. I am the best. I visualise perfect performance. I perform perfectly. I am motivated. I am a winner'.


Freedom From Alcohol:
The programme is based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Formula. Address your attitude towards alcohol in a positive manner that enables abstention.

Affirmations: 'I am free of alcohol. I live myself. I accept others. I am forgiving. I am forgiven. I am a gift. Living is a miracle. I'm a miracle. A higher power is with me'.

Impulse Control:
Slow down that impulsive behaviour, whether you are prone to impulsive purchasing or over reacting. Take your time to think things through thoroughly.

Affirmations: 'I am whole. I have enough. I am in control. I control my thoughts. I am positive. I control my emotions. I forgive myself. I am forgiven. I respect myself. I am respectful'.

Stop Smoking:
Powerful cigarette aversion messages will address your feelings and attitudes towards smoking that will make cigarettes unappealing to you. Stop smoking permanently.

Affirmations: 'I feel free. I smell good. I have a keen sense of taste. I will always choose to be free of cigarettes. I create my future. I create health now. I enjoy a smoke free life now.'


Eating Disorders:
Designed for all types of eating disorders such as anorexia. Re-establish your self worth, respect and enjoyment of life and clear the negatives of eating disorders fast.

Affirmations: 'I love my body. I care for my body. I love life. I am happy. I am whole. I eat healthy foods. I drink water. I like water. I enjoy feeling good. I feel wonderful'.

Freedom from Headaches:
Relieve the tension and anxiety that cause your headaches. Mobilise your mind and body to free you of pain.

Affirmations: 'I relax. I relax my facial muscles. I relax all over. I smile. I breathe deeply. I feel peaceful. I feel good. I am stress free. I am calm'.

Freedom from Junk Food:
End your craving for junk food and achieve your health and weight goals.

Affirmations: 'I feel great. I take care of myself. I exercise. I breathe deeply. I relax. I eat slowly. I eat healthy foods. I like fruits. I eat nutritional foods'.

Freedom from Stress:
Research shows that as much as 80% of all illness is stress related. Relieve stress and achieve a state of calm and well being.

Affirmations: 'I am calm, I'm relaxed, I am confident, I am stress free. I release stress. I release anxiety. I breathe deeply. I have a proper perspective. I am in charge. I am in control. I am at peace with myself'.

Freedom from Sugar:
Retrain your subconscious away from the need to consume sugar. Especially relevant for Candida, Diabetes, Obesity and Syndrome X.

Affirmations: 'I avoid sugar. I am free of sugar. Natural foods are healthy. I like vegetables. I drink water. Food tastes great naturally. I have high energy'.

Natural Pain Relief:
Interrupt the pain cycle and alter your attitude towards the pain signals, minimising discomfort and bringing extended relief..

Affirmations: 'I am relaxed. I breathe deeply. I am non resistive. I am healthy. I am happy. I am loved. I am free of pain. Pain is gone. I love living. My body is perfect'.

Sleep Soundly:
Don't suffer sleepless nights and that fatigued feeling that follows the next day. You will enjoy deep and restful sleep.

Affirmations: 'Sleep restores me. Sleep refreshes me. I sleep deeply. I sleep peacefully. I am alive. I am vital. I have energy. Sleep is effortless. Sleep is good'.


Accelerated Learning and Study:
You will not believe the speed and ease with which learning occurs when you fuel the powers of your mind. Appropriate for persons of any age and for mastering any subject.

Affirmations: 'I listen intently. Learning comes easily. I remember. I take careful notes. I like to read. I do it easily. I study well. I schedule time to study. Studying is fun. Tests are easy.'

Do you lack the ability to concentrate? This can hold you back at school, work and in activities where absorbing and retaining information is necessary.

Affirmations: 'I think clearly. My mental processes are clear. I focus attention. I concentrate easily. I do it effortlessly. Concentration is natural. Memory is natural.'

Creative Writing:
Ever wish you could write in such a way that the words come alive? This is especially for those who wish to become or improve their creative writing talents.

Affirmations: 'I am creative. I have great ideas. I experience creative inspiration regularly. I organise my thoughts. I develop outlines. I sense the story line. I experience the creative flow. I love to write.'

Excel in Exams:
The stress of exams can produce anxiety and even mental shutdown. Remove these mental blocks so that you can access your store of knowledge easily.

Affirmations: 'I am confident. I am sure. I am relaxed. I like tests. Tests are easy. I remember easily. I am relaxed during tests. I look forward to tests. I study well. I excel at tests.'

Powerful Memory:
Both short and long term memory power is critical to mastering new subjects. Everyone's memory power can be enhanced and this will prove it to you.

Affirmations: 'I have powerful memory. I remember easily. I am confident. Details are easy. Memory is natural. I make mental notes. Memory flows effortlessly. My mind is absorbent.'


Attract and Enhance Romance Intimacy and Love:
Designed to develop the qualities that attract or hold a loving relationship, one full of romance, honesty, intimacy and passion.

Affirmations: 'I enjoy my intimate relationships. I enjoy my partner. I am open with my partner. I respect my partner's individuality. It's okay to be an individual. I am happy being me'.

Attracting the Right Love Relationship:
Is there a perfect love relationship for you? Do you long for the right one? Prepare yourself to find this relationship.

Affirmations: 'Love is natural. I am attractive. I am intelligent. I am an interesting person. People enjoy my companionship. I attract good to me. I attract good people'.

Confidence With the Opposite Sex:
For those who lack the confidence to enjoy a new companion. Address those self limiting beliefs especially to those of the opposite sex.

Affirmations: 'I am attractive. Others appreciate me. I accept myself. I enjoy talking and listening. I deal with the opposite sex as an equal'.

I am Charismatic:
Put a little magic in your personality. People always remember the charming and charismatic.

Affirmations: 'I am charismatic. I am charming. I am humorous. I am confident. I am poised. I am calm. I am positive. I am loving. I am caring. I am sincere'.

Magnetic Personality:
People are attracted to someone who is positive, honest and enjoys life.

Affirmations: 'Life is exciting. People are varied. People are good. We are all growing. We are all learning. I sense the humorous. I am balanced. I am at peace with myself.'

Overcoming Shyness:
Is your fear of people holding you back from many opportunities? Help yourself to exude confidence with members of both sexes.

Affirmations: 'I am calm during introductions. Contact with people is fun. I make contact easily. I am liked by people. I release the fear of people. Conversation is easy'.


If you have difficulty getting others to take your opinions seriously or you doubt the validity of your own perspective, learn to appreciate yourself.

Affirmations: 'I am whole. I am enough. I make my own choices. I trust myself. I have self esteem. I have positive relationships. I am positive'.

Become a dynamic, persuasive communicator and public speaker. Foster open communication from others by becoming a receptive listener.

Affirmations: 'I am confident. I speak well. I am liked. My thoughts flow freely. Mr speech communicates. I am relaxed. I listen. Speaking is fun. I am self assured. I like myself'.

Eliminating Performance Anxiety:
Pre performance nerves are to be expected, but place them under your control.

Affirmations: 'I am a great performer. I am appreciated. I am very talented. I am comfortable with myself. I like my body. I look terrific. I feel good. I like to perform.'

End Procrastination:
You have put it off long enough. Look forward to completion and accomplishment. Enjoy a sense of pride instead of making excuses.

Affirmations: 'I decide. I act. I have energy. I am energetic. I use my energy. I am positive. I am involved. I am motivated. I am a doer. I do it now. I am an agent of action'.

Millionaire Orbit:
The universe does not discriminate in providing abundance. Only your self limiting beliefs hold you back from that which you truly desire.

Affirmations: 'I am a winner. I am infinitely adaptable. I am one with the universe. I have infinite power. Universal power flows through me. Creativity is mine. I attract success.'

Organised and Efficient:
Do you waste a lot of time trying to remember what you need to do? Learn to be more organised .and maximise your output.

Affirmations: 'I am great. I am confident. I am certain. I am self assured. I am enthusiastic. I am motivated. I am relaxed. I perform well. I am efficient'.

The negative programming can be holding you back from realising success. Re-script your beliefs and open the door to the unlimited abundance that you deserve.

Affirmations: 'I am prosperous. I appreciate my success. I focus on my blessings. I become a magnet attracting prosperity. Abundance is naturally mine'.

Sales Training:
Selling should be natural and easy. Build the confidence and acquire the skills to be the best salesperson.

Affirmations: 'I am enthused. I help people. I help myself. I am capable. I am positive. I have power. I am confident. I motivate people. I am a leader. I am prosperous. I close sales.'

Self Discipline and Determination:
The difference between winning and losing is quitting. History teaches that people achieve their best through continued self discipline and dogged determination.

Affirmations: 'I have will power. I apply myself. I organise my efforts. I plan my day. Self discipline is success. I use time wisely. I am capable. I set goals. I accept responsibility'.

Time Management:
Time management is everyone's concern. Don't let time pass you by not managing it well. Affirmations: 'I am time wise. I am punctual. I am organised. I am thorough. I am calm. I am alert. I am attentive. I use time wisely. I use time efficiently. I am motivated'

Ultra Enthusiasm:
Become ultra excited and enthusiastic about your life, work, and your many opportunities. Enthusiasm is contagious and it feels so good.

Affirmations: 'I am positive. I am enthusiastic. I am motivated. I decide. I trust my decisions. I act. I follow through. I make things happen. I can do anything. I am lucky'.

Ultra Prosperity:
You appreciate your successes and now you wish a more total focus on wealth building. Ultra Prosperity is for the achiever who wishes to achieve even more.

Affirmations: 'I choose to be a millionaire. I choose to make money. I will always choose to be a winner. I will always succeed. I love success. Money is stored energy. I create abundance'.

Ultra Success Power:
For those who want it all, health, wealth, youth, happiness and an absolutely positive expectation from life. Thoughts do become reality.

Affirmations: 'I enjoy being successful. I love living, I deserve health, happiness and prosperity. I am healthy, happy and wealthy. I am a powerful example. I always make wise choices. I am confident. I deserve the best. I give my best'.

The Science:

The human brain is composed of two halves or hemispheres - the left brain and the right brain. These two hemispheres work together and control our bodies. The unique Inner Talk Technology delivers positive messages to both hemispheres of the brain according to how each receives and processes information.

The left hemisphere: The left brain is most commonly referred to as the analytical brain and is thought to control such things as mathematical and language skills, organisation, logic, reason, observation and analysis. The left hemisphere also includes defence mechanisms such as rationalisation built around logic and reason.

The left hemisphere therefore analyses the information it receives and organises it into a logical framework. To sidestep the rational left brain's resistance to positive messages that conflict with negative beliefs, Inner Talk delivers permissive messages such as 'It's OK to succeed' Direct statements trigger negative self talk from the left brain such as 'I've never succeeded at anything. What makes this time any different?'

The right hemisphere: The right brain is also known as the spatial brain. It is thought to be responsible for creativity, emotions, athletic ability, intuitiveness, inventiveness, relaxation and visualisation. Many scientists believe the right hemisphere is associated with emotional and subconscious learning.

The right hemisphere ie the creative, intuitive mind is thus less discriminating. It absorbs information without question or analysis. It is here that early childhood messages such as 'You will never amount to anything' are stored even though you may not be aware of them. No matter how much you try to re-programme these negative messages on a conscious level the emotional imprint is so deep that negative beliefs will prevail.

Inner Talk delivers authoritative statements which are readily accepted by your right brain such as 'I succeed at everything I do' to counteract years of negative programming.

Within Inner Talk products are based on a unique dual channel system. On one channel accessing the left brain are meaningfully spoken forward masked permissive affirmations such as 'Its OK to feel good' On a further channel accessing the right brain are directive messages such as 'I am good' recorded in the same voices in reverse. The analytical left hemisphere cannot argue with the permissive statement and the non analytical right hemisphere simply accepts the authoritarian statement. Since the hemispheres are task oriented both the left and right brain become involved according to their specialities.

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