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How often has that sudden gust of wind inverted the canopy - rendering your umbrella unusable - more often - when its absolutely pouring down with rain and you need it most! At last - the NEW WIND RESISTANT GUSTBUSTER FOLDING UMBRELLA. The amazing umbrella engineered from extensive wind tunnel testing to withstand high winds and provide maximum strength combined with lightweight and a smooth and instant release. At a price that won't get you soaked!

Taking over three years to develop, GUSTBUSTER FOLDING UMBRELLA has a unique advanced canopy design that with any rush of wind dissipates energy, so stopping sudden inversion of the canopy and damage to the frame.

With a lightweight specially reinforced, thick wall fiberglass shaft and a comfortable handle, it's unbelievably light and comfortable for even the most frail to hold, for long periods of time with one hand.

Using the finest 190 thread coated nylon fabric it exhibits superb tensile and tear strength and the special flexible memory rod ensures the GUSTBUSTER FOLDING UMBRELLA and canopy pops back to it's original shape every time!

Just 14 inches long when closed, the GUSTBUSTER FOLDING UMBRELLA opens up to a 43 inches canopy ideal to use for business, leisure and spectator sports. It's an invaluable and dependable travel companion.

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